How about an OLD DAY CHICK?

Since I was a kid, one of the tourist attractions in the Philippines is Baguio City. Famous for its cold weather, strawberry farm, strawberry taho, the pine trees, the Igorots, shoe shine, the known Session Road and a lot more. And finally, this year I was able to come and visit this place.

From a little girl seeing Baguio in postcards to being a 28 year old woman who saw the place real time, I can say there hasn't been huge difference at all. Its so cold (for me) and my wardrobe isn't prepared at all (LOL). What I enjoyed the most from my visit is the street food, and I've tried some of them.

First stop: Strawberries!! and I personally picked the strawberries and ate them. A LOT 🙂 The taho (made of soybean) and the ice cream are made of real and authentic strawberry. The gritty texture, the natural color and the combination of sweetness and sourness is there. I didn't taste any food chemical in it. (Trust me, I am a Food Technologist)


I am coffee lover, and so I tried the Benguet Arabica brewed coffee and I loved it! Best partnered with bread or cookie :) 


As we are walking outside the Mines View Park, I saw this street food and really asked for two sticks be grilled for me. The dried pusit (squid) is really delicious and affordable for 20 pesos per stick 🙂

And for the highlight of my Baguio trip is this food:


Tadah!!! Viola! The one day old chick (too sad its for a day only as it has to be eaten). It costs 10 pesos per piece. What I like abut this is the crispiness since its fried. And if you are into eating food like this, you'll enjoy it. 

There are a lot of restaurants and hide out places in Baguio City. A lot of choices for a lot of tourists! But as a simple Filipina girl, I opted to try what's new to me so here it is.
Will go back to Baguio soon! and I'm excited for another food tripping with mah friends! ❤

Full video of my Baguio trip here:


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