Are you worthy?- MAYBE

“To the praise of the glory of his grace, wherein he hath made us accepted in the beloved.” Eph. 1:6

Most of the time, I asked myself this question? Am I worthy?  Do I deserve this pain? Am I incapable of being loved? Am I not that enough to be given the rightful love and attention? Didn’t I deserve to be happy? Am I undesirable? These– are all over my mind. all day all night, questioning why. Why do I have to feel this way.

Maybe I was just over analyzing things but these feelings are what other people made me feel. Its as if you are a gift when you first meet them, then all of a sudden they will treat you like a trash.

Maybe I am not confident to see the beauty in me that makes other people treat me like NOBODY.

Maybe I am afraid to admit that I myself thinks I am not worthy.

Maybe I cannot accept the fact that there are some people who will leave you for no reason at all.

Maybe I cannot see myself without them.

Maybe I am afraid to say NO.

Maybe I forgive too much.

Maybe I care too much.

Maybe I see the good in them. That I can act like a superwoman trying to save them and fix their lives.

Maybe I am afraid to be left alone. Afraid that I may not be accepted.

Maybe its just my pride.

Or maybe, I do not love myself.

Maybe I cannot stand tall.

But MAYBE, when all these maybe’s will be gone, I can say to myself that:



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