Women In Progress

            Why do women exist? It was taught since then that, the woman was created by God from the rib of a man; that no man should live by himself, and he shall have a helper. During the ancient times, women were supposed to be at home, taking care of their husbands and children. Since this …

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Hi! I am Yanyan! Well, there's nothing special about me and my blog. I just find writing as an outlet whenever I'm stressed, sad, or whenever there's a happening in my life (in Tagalog, it's ganap. lol) I am currently taking my MS degree and previously graduated from college, had a full time job, had …

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A day with Yayoi Kusama’s artpieces

My life is a dot lost among thousands of other dots - Yayoi Kusama I stayed in Singapore for four days. The usual itinerary went on from day 1 which includes: MBS, Universal Studios Singapore, Clarke Quay, Chinese Garden, etc. My photographer/model and artistic best friend did a photowalk (photography term) and dragged me to the …

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